Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wild West Unit Study

Our Wild West Unit took a few rabbit trails along the way.  At one point, it even morphed into a separate Native American Unit Study.


We studied the artist C.M. Russell and worked on a little western flavored art.


I pulled a lot of online resources from a unit at Ed Helper.   Instead of recreating their wheel, I’ll just share their link instead.   Check it out here.  

We added lots of things to our timeline and history notebooks and read LOTS of books.   I hope you find the info I pulled together helpful.

Library Resources:

Wild West; by Stuart Murray
100 Things You Should Know About the Wild West; by Andrew Langley
The Wild West, An Interactive History Adventure; by Allison Lassieur
Life in a Wild West Show; by Stephen Currie
Stagecoaches and Railroads; by Sally Senzell Isaacs
Wild West Days; by David C. King
Annie Oakley; by John Hamilton
Belle Starr; by Carl R. Greene
Buffalo Bill Cody; by Michael Goodman
Wild Bill Hickok, The Man and His Myth; by Joseph G. Rosa
Facts & Fiction:  Bandits & Outlaws; by Stewart Ross
Wanted!  Frank & Jesse James, The Real Story; by Margaret Baldwin & Pot O’Brien
Butch Cassidy: by John Hamilton
Jesse James; by John Hamilton
Billy the Kid; by John Hamilton
Judge Roy Bean; by Carl R. Green and William R. Sanford
Wyatt Earp; by Rob Staegler
Doc Holliday; by Carl R. Green and William R. Sanford
Kit Carson, Mountain Man; by Tracey Boraas
America’s Premier Gunmakers Remington; by K.D. Kirkland
America’s Premier Gunmakers Winchester; by K.D. Kirkland
America’s Premier Gunmakers Colt; by K.D. Kirkland

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