Friday, October 10, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up–The One With All The Field Trips

Our first break week of the new school year has come to an end.   Although we didn’t have “classes” we had a wonderful time taking field trips.

We traveled to the Frontier Culture Museum for homeschool day.   Lots of great things to see, do and learn at this facility, like helping to scrape out a log to make a canoe.

Frontier Culture Museum 075

On Sunday we were able to attend an open house and tour at the Wildlife Center of Virginia.   This emergency treatment facility takes care of sick and injured native wildlife with the hopes of returning the animals to the wild.


Tuesday we took our visiting Flat Travelers to the apple orchard and picked a bushel of Fuji apples for the winter.   This was fun, but the allergy issues that followed for Olivia weren’t as much fun.  

Apples and Degas 005

Apples and Degas 003
Apples and Degas 004

Olivia is ALWAYS on allergy meds.  However, after the trip to the orchard the allergies kicked into over drive.  By Thursday we were at the doctors office getting 3 prescriptions to tame the allergies, and fight off the double ear infection brought on by all the excess drainage.  Fun times I tell ya.

I actually had two more field trips lined up for the week.  However with the sickies in the house we had to skip those.   There’s always next week (and there IS a field trip planned).

Nutcracker practices are in full swing.  Each of my girls have 1.5 hours of practice scheduled for each Saturday up until stage week.  Thankfully their practices run back to back instead of big gaps in the day for the chauffer (me).

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I’m now working on our next unit study, the Industrial Revolution.    The next six weeks will be fun, with lots of inventors and hopefully hands on activities.

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  1. bummer about her allergies Joesette. I hope next week's field trips are not as bothersome for her.

    Enjoy your weekend.


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