Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day–Get it Straight

I know they say that “ignorance is bliss”, but it’s just not so.   Many people are ignorant about what, or rather who we celebrate on Veteran’s Day.  So let me give you a short lesson.  Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day are two separate holidays, and they are NOT interchangeable.   Veteran’s Day is to honor, and thank, the living men and women who have served in our nation’s military.   Memorial Day is to honor those soldier’s who gave their lives in service.   

Take time to teach these simple, yet profound differences to your children.  Educate yourself if you aren’t sure, but know that they are vastly different and not interchangeable.     I will now step off of my soap box and share photos of our Veteran’s Day parade, which was help this past Saturday.










To those who have served in our military, thank you!

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  1. Thanks ! I hope a lot of people see this and understand it.And what would be even better is that next Memorial Day that it would mean more than a day off work and bbq's and mattress sales.


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