Friday, January 9, 2015

Hello New Year!!

This was our first week back to school for 2015, and it was a success.    I was ready to get back to the routine, and I think the kids were too.

Like many of you, we spent the week bundled up trying to keep ahead of the below zero temperatures.     It has been miserably cold, but thankfully no snow or ice here. 

Homemade soups and breads for dinner, and left over lunches have helped us stay warm.  Below is a hearty (and spicy) 15 bean Cajun soup, and a hot loaf of friendship bread.


When heading out of doors, we’ve looked similar to Ralphie’s kid brother as we’ve donned layer upon layer, but we could put our arms down.   This wonderful little woodstove has been a welcome friend this winter.


Math:  We’ve finished the fist half of our math curriculum and only have 78 lessons to go!   Lindsey has really been working on her multiplication tables and I think we’re finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel!

Language Arts:   Both girls have started their next to last book study for the year.   We’re moving along a lot more quickly than I’d thought, so we’re probably finish up early.

History:  This week began our World War I unit study.   We’ve watched 10 hours of video coverage in addition to our books, and notebooking pages.

Science:  As of yet the girls aren’t enjoying the physics as much as they did the chemistry.   Those foamy, fizzy hands on projects were a lot more fun, but we’re pushing onward.

Writing:  Olivia is working on researching and writing a biographical report on Amelia Earhart.   She’s been reading and researching like a fiend.  Lindsey is more than half way through her curriculum, so we’re good on that.

Art:   We studied Renoir, and attempted to create an usual still life using his techniques.


Extra curricular:   Basketball and cheerleading started this week.   We have several weeks of practice with the first games being January 24.  Ballet was scheduled to start this week, but we had to bump it back a week because of instructor health issues.

How was your week?

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  1. I made a wonderful Squash and Apple soup this week. Filling and yummy.

    1. That sounds yummy! I'm hoping to use some of my apples us this week when I make applesauce. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love your still lifes! Great job!

    I bet you are loving your wood stove right now! Here's to slightly warmer weather this week!

    1. Totally loving the woodstove. Unfortunately, it's not warmer this week, and we now have snow, which is fun, but brrrrr.


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