Monday, January 5, 2015

Homeschool Planet–Product Review


The planning monster inside of me is in pure heaven with Homeschool Planet.   Don’t let the name fool you though, this online planner isn’t just for homeschool records.  It can be used for homeschool, housework, church, sports and much more.

With Homeschool Planet, you can put all of your homeschool planning (including assignments and lesson plans), family commitments and appointments all in one easily accessible place.   There are several color backgrounds you can pick from and set up takes only a few minutes.  Making changes to family profiles, events & classes are quick with lot of variations of scheduling to choose from.

A Few of My Favorite Features:
Individualized personal profile per family member.
~Color coded activities
~To Do List
~Shopping List
~Local Weather
~School Year & Vacation Days
~Printable Weekly Calendar
~Email reminders (you pick the frequency)

Pros:   I love that I can color coordinate activities so I can easily look and see what thing is happening just by the color.  I also love that you can quickly edit or delete an activity. You can access your account through your home computer, smart phone or tablet.

Cons:   On more than one occasion after having put a lot of data in, I’ve gotten an error message that says the website cannot recover, and data may be lost.  Even a few of my saved things have been lost at that point.   I’ve learned to work in smaller amounts, but personally I find that truly annoying, I want to put everything in when I’m working and be done.

Customer Service:   The folks at Homeschool Planet are amazingly quick at getting back to you, and fixing issues pretty quickly.   Information is backed up regularly and they can restore you to a certain point in the case of a major malfunction (like you left it on and your 2 year old just started hitting buttons and deleted everything).  This did NOT happen to me, as I don’t have a  2-year old, just an example, grins.

You can give Homeschool Planet a whirl, by signing up for their FREE 30 day free trial.    Once you see how great Homeschool Planet is, you can choose to pay $65/year, or $6.95/monthly depending on which works best for your budget.

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