Monday, May 18, 2015

Summer Plans

We’ve been finished with school for several weeks now.  We’ve spent the majority of this month working on projects around the house.   Now  it’s time to look at the summer.


Ballet:   Both girls will be participating in a 4 week ballet intensive in June.    This will allow them to work on technique and skills as well as building their endurance level. 

In August they will both be participating in a week long, 4 hour a day performance camp.  The camp will end with a production of “Carnival of Animals” in conjunction with our city’s Performing Arts Center.

College:  Olivia will be taking an art class at the local community college.   Additionally, she’s been selected to attend a weeklong, all girl Mechatronics camp.  Mechatronics blends mechanical engineering, electronic control and  systems thinking in the design of products and manufacturing processes.

Basketball:   Lindsey will be attending basketball camp at the local college.   Despite her height (or lack thereof) she’s still got her heart set on being a basketball player.

History:   Olivia will continue to work several days a week with the John Lewis Society in the Indian Village.   Lindsey will be spending a week at day camp with the same program, but working and learning in the early American colonies.

Additionally, we’ll be doing lots of swimming, biking, fishing, playing and just having lots of family fun…because that’s what summer is all about!

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