Friday, May 8, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up–Stage Week

It’s Spring Recital week in our world.  That means 4 hours each evening have been spent at the stage.  The girls have been practicing and I’ve been working on costumes, and working the rehearsal hall.   Boy, when you add a bunch of preschoolers to the mix, things certainly get lively!!

The kids are performing the first act of Cinderella, and an abbreviated version of the Little Mermaid.  I’ll be working backstage this weekend and will have more photos to share next week.  In the meantime, here is Lindsey and one of the baby mice.  Isn’t that just too much cuteness?


We were finally able to get in the garden and get some work done.  Beets, lettuce, spinach, endive, carrots and onions are in the ground.   We’ll wait a few more weeks and then add the tomatoes and squash.

Last fall, one of my dear friends gave me a couple of poppy plants from her perennial garden and I couldn’t wait to plant them.  Fast forward to spring and I almost pulled them up thinking it was a weed, but then thought I’d wait a bit.  Imagine my glee this morning when I spotted this beauty smiling up at me.


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  1. Have a wonderful show! Our show time is just two weeks away!
    Blessings, Dawn


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