Friday, June 5, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up - The Frustrating One

The week got off to a rough start.    Windows Live Writer (which I use for both blogs), suddenly doesn't work on my computer.   I'm not sure what happened, and I've tried to reload the program, but thus far no luck.    Blogger is being difficult, and I can't get any photos to upload, so this will be a boring post.

The AC unit went out over the weekend, and by all appearances the transmission on the van started acting up. Thankfully the issue with the van proved to be some minor things combining that caused loss of power so that the transmission couldn't shift correctly. The van is now running properly, and relatively inexpensively in comparison to the AC repair (good hooglie mooglie). The good news is we'll be cool in the summer and can drive where we need to go.

Ballet intensives started this week.  These classes are 90 minutes each day and focus on strength training and technique, with mostly barre work.  The girls are working hard and toning up.   Olivia adds pre-pointe foot conditioning next week to her ballet schedule.

Since I can't share lovely photos, I'll make this a short wrap up, so as not to bore you.  Hopefully by next week things will have worked out a little more smoothly.

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  1. LiveWriter should be working again. Google changed their API for security so LiveWriter and all other 3rd party products couldn't login to blogger. I understand Google has made arrangements to with Microsoft for LiveWriter to work for the time being. All the people on the review crew forums were upset over this too, but it's back working now.

    1. Thanks for that info! I asked on one of my forums and nobody could tell me that bit of info! I hope they leave it alone this time.

  2. Sorry to hear about all the things happening this week! Hope they all get cleared up soon!


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