Friday, June 12, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up–More Ballet and More Painting

The technology problems that plagued me last week cleared up and life is once again good in my bloggy world.  Phew!

The girls have been at ballet intensive again this week.  In addition to the 90 minute conditioning, they’ve added 20 minutes of pre-pointe work as well.   They are excited about the new things they are learning, and about the thought of pointe.  Lindsey is too young for pointe, but is allowed to take the pre-pointe work to help strengthen her feet.

I’ve spend the majority of my week redecorating Olivia’s bedroom.  These projects often take on a life of their own, and my husband can’t understand why I’m so driven when working on something like this.  I don’t enjoy the trip ya’ll, I like to get to the destination.

Below are before and after photos.   If you’d like to see the whole process and more/better photos, check out my blog post here

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I have a couple of reviews and give aways coming up in the next few weeks, so be keeping an eye out for those!

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  1. How exciting having ballerinas :) My daughter took a few classes when she was little, but coordination is not her forte! LOL Gorgeous bedroom paint color!


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