Wednesday, July 8, 2015

2015-2016 Extra Curricular Activities

Now that we’ve finalized our curriculum picks, I thought I’d share our extra curricular choices for the upcoming year.

John Lewis Society:  Olivia will be working several days a month as a volunteer interpreter at a local live history museum.   She’s assigned to the Native American village, and I’ll be giving her a history credit for this.

Classical Ballet:   This will be our most challenging ballet year yet.  First of all, Olivia will be going en pointe, which is new and expensive.  Second of all the class schedule has gone to four days a week, with 90 minute classes.   The biggest issue to overcome, is the fact that, at the request of the Ballet Director,  Lindsey has been moved into Olivia’s class (skipping two levels).   Lindsey will not be going en pointe because of her age and stage of foot development.   Olivia is not at all happy about this turn of events.

Piano:  Lindsey will continue with her weekly piano lessons.  Olivia will be continuing with her DVD based piano curriculum.

Electric Guitar:   I find it interesting that someone as non-musical as myself was gifted with two children who love music.   To foster this love of music, my brother bought each girl an electric guitar and amp for Christmas.   I shall endeavor to teach them to play…this may get ugly folks.

Bright Lights:  Olivia is a charter member of our local Bright Lights.   She thoroughly enjoys this Bible study group.  Lindsey will be old enough to join in September so both will be attending and enjoying this ministry opportunity.

Basketball:   Lindsey will be playing basketball starting in January.  We’re still undecided at to whether she’ll continue with Upwards Sports, or move on to our churches new sports program.

Olivia had hoped to play volleyball this year, but the new ballet schedule seems to overtaken that possibility.   However, I will continue to look for volleyball at the YMCA for her.   Lindsey would also like to take sewing classes, but I’m not sure that there is wiggle room in the budget, or in the schedule for that to happen.

What does your extra curricular schedule look like this year?

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