Saturday, July 4, 2015

4th of July Fun

Our little city has some really fun July 4th activities.   We walked to our local park this morning to watch the annual parade.  It was cool and overcast and a perfect morning for sitting outside watching the parade.

I won’t bore you with gobs of photos from the parade, but here are a couple.   Starting with Uncle Sam.

July 4th 001

The old cars are favorites…and then we’ll move on.

July 4th 002

July 4th 004

July 4th 007

After the parade, we headed over to the history museum.  There were lots of old fashioned activities like live music, log sawing, pie eating contests and a watermelon seed spitting contest.

July 4th 024

July 4th 013

July 4th 019

The 1812-1814 militia drill and volley became a near tragedy.   In the photo below there are 4 militia men firing their weapons.  The second gun, (held by the man in blue pants) didn’t fire, but the man didn’t realize it.   It may have not fired on the next volley.  However on the last volley the charge hit and all the black powder ignited at once, exploding the back end of the gun and knocking the shooter backwards several feet.    He had to be taken to an emergency care facility to remove a piece of the gun from his cheek, and get stitches in his face.

July 4th 018

Across the way, Olivia and friends were performing in a Tableaux Vivante, and it was a scream.

Here we see the Four Seasons.  Spring (the blushing bride), Summer (cradling the babe), Autumn (sweeping) and Winter (hunched).

July 4th 028

Romeo and Juliette.

July 4th 029

Cinderella (Olivia is the mean step-mother).

July 4th 031

July 4th 033

July 4th 034

July 4th 035

July 4th 036

July 4th 038

I will spare you all the other scenes (because my kid isn’t in those, grins).   The Grand Finale…the 13 original states, represented by their state flag symbol.  Olivia is South Carolina.

July 4th 046

We’ll finish up our celebration by attending the city fireworks later tonight.  I wont’ have photos…trust me, I’m not good with a camera in the dark.

Happy Independence Day!

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