Friday, October 30, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up–Pumpkins and Such

We don’t “do” Halloween, however we do enjoy fall and some of the things you see this time of year are just too interesting not to share.  This weeks wrap up will be a little of this and that, with a bit of academics thrown in.

First of all, we always have a family weenie roast in October.  We enjoy getting together and enjoying the cool night weather and sitting around the fire roasting hotdogs and marshmallows.  My brother always hosts this event at his house….if only I’d taken my camera I could be sharing those photos..ahem.    I do have this photo of his pumpkin that he carved (swapped from his Facebook page).   The girls got the reference right away, as I’m sure most of you do…you do, right?


We spent time this week making popcorn balls, teaching Lindsey to cook a little and we carved up a few pumpkins of our own.  It may have been a bit gross.




One of the houses down the street from us really goes all out for Halloween.  Every year they add new gruesome things.  I find great humor in a few of their tombstones.


We’ve been trying to get out enjoy the crisp days before the bitter cold of winter sets in.  Here’s the view from this morning’s walk.  That little blue dot would be Lindsey on her bike.


Science went well this week.  Lindsey and I spent the week studying the solar system, revisiting the model we’d made and working on our understanding of orbiting.   Olivia joined in, as she’s studying constellations and it kind of fit for her too.   Below, Olivia is the sun, Lindsey’s little planet (the white Styrofoam ball) is orbiting around the sun and rotating to change the seasons as well.


This is my fourth week of exercising.   It’s starting to get easier, which I guess means I need to add more now!

Have a safe Halloween weekend, and don’t forget to change your clocks this weekend.

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