Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership (TOS Review)

Today I'm sharing our review of the Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership from   While we've used notebooking to some extent in the past in our studies, especially in history, we've never had such a vast array of resources at our fingertips before!

With this much information, it would be easy to get overwhelmed, but don't fear!   There is a lovely "Easy Start Guide" that lays out a step by step, 5-day plan that tells you what supplies you'll need and how to plan your notebooking adventure.   There are also several tutorials and various tips, tools and videos to successfully help you along your notebooking journey.

The lifetime membership gives you access to everything on the website, with tabs to show recently added items and more forms and pages than you could ever hope to use!   You can search for notebooking pages basked on the following categories:
  • Any Study (generic notebooking pages, mini-books and 3D pages)
  • A-Z (alphabet copy work, A-Z animals, A-Z sports, A-Z transportation)
  • Bible/character
  • Famous People
  • Fine Arts
  • Geography
  • History
  • Holidays
  • Language Arts
  • Science/Nature
Lets say you decide to print pages from the "History" tab.   You then can look for the history period you want (ancient, medieval, renaissance, modern).  We are going to be studying the medieval period so that's what I've been printing off to make individual notebooks.  You can then click over to Book of Centuries, or Topical Notebooking pages.   We went with tropical, and then we had a whole plethora of topics from archery to sounding the alarm during an attack. These topic areas have detailed coloring sheets, in a series of 4 that has a place for a title in different locations on each sheet, and one without a title block.   Likewise there is a large variety of people of the time period to choose from as well.   So, if you pick Charlemagne for example an 11 page pdf will open up.  You DO NOT have to print all 11 pages.   The pages are similar, all having the same graphic, but some have room for your own drawing and little writing, some have room for all writing and no drawing, and some have smaller lines for older kids, while other pages have larger lines with the dotted middle line to help young writer's keep it legible.   You pick and choose what will work best for each child.   This variation in page lay-outs holds true throughout the topics.

If you and your children enjoy lapbooking, there are blank templates that you can use to make your own lapbooks.   Included are blank layered mini books, matchbook mini books, mini book, popup mini book, shutter fold and top tab books. There are also load of bordered templates to pick from so that your students illustrations, maps and artwork can have a little extra pizazz to make their personalized notebooks look even better!

With the lifetime membership (only $97) you get full access to all the documents that currently exist and any new ones that are added.     In theory, you could use this product will all of your kids, your co-op classes and your grand kids for that matter!   This truly is an incredible deal!

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