Monday, July 4, 2016

2016-2017 Extra Curricular Activities

This is one of the BIGGEST changes for us.   For the last eight years, ballet has been our steady extra-curricular activity.   I never imagined that Olivia would say she wanted to quit dancing.   Truthfully, I don't think she wants to quit dancing, but she doesn't want to be there every single day.  This past year she danced four days a week.  This year, the schedule is still 4 days, with three of those days being 90 minutes, but the Saturday class is THREE HOURS LONG.   Committing to a three hour Saturday would knock her out of so many other opportunities, so she just had to say "I'm done."

The studio did offer a new, 45 minute, contemporary class this year that meets one day per week.   This class will focus on modern, jazz, hip-hop and Broadway styles of dance.   Both girls will be giving this class a whirl as they are very interested in different forms of dance.

So, where does that leave us?  Apparently, it leaves us with basketball and volleyball.  Lindsey has loved and played basketball for years, and after filling in for scrimmages at this year's basketball practices, Olivia has realized that she actually likes basketball too, so she's giving that a try as well.   Lindsey will also be trying out for a girls travel ball team.

Olivia has been involved in some volleyball clinics this year, and has decided she wants to focus her energy predominantly in that arena.,   We've already had a local private school approach us about having Olivia playing for them in the fall, but we've decided to have her play a year in an instructional league before going into a school team environment.

Lindsey will continue her piano lessons and hopefully Olivia will get motivated and finish up her 2 year curriculum that is now in year 3 or maybe even 4.   Both girls will continue to work on guitar as well.

Olivia will complete her second year in the John Lewis Society and work at the museum two days a week over the summer, and then at least two days a month from August through December.   I'll add the two years worth of work together to give her a history credit.

They will also be attending an IEW class one day a week and we will do a monthly enrichment class at our church (still in the planning stages).   We will also still be part of our local homeschool support group, however I won't be on the Board this year.  I decided three years was a good term as president and I was ready to hand the reins over to someone else this year.

How is your extra-curricular list lining up?

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