Friday, March 17, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up - Blizzard Failure and Pi

With the threat of a "blizzard" barrelling down on us, I prepared Monday by taking down the spring like flag on my front porch and replacing it with a blizzard appropriate flag.  I was worried that I'd jinx the entire east coast, but all the "models" were in agreement that this was going to happen, so I was pretty confident.
Monday evening around 6:15pm the snow began to fall.  A fine powdery snow, not at all like the "heavy wet snow" that was in the forecast.   With the promise of 2 inches of snow per hour, I'd told the girls they could stay up late and we'd get in some after dark sledding.  By about 9:00pm we all agreed that the snow wasn't doing much and that we'd wait for daytime sledding and the kids went to bed. our blizzard was a fizzle.   By Tuesday morning, when we should have been under 18" of snow, there wasn't even enough snow to cover all the clumps of grass.  Epic meteorological failure ya'll.
Thankfully Tuesday was also Pi day (3.14) so I was able to quell our disappointed with homemade chocolate pudding pie. 
Spring volleyball was scheduled to start Tuesday, but was cancelled because of the weather (ahem).  So we had our first official practice on Thursday night.  We have 88 girls for the season, so we've had to divide up into 8 teams of 11, with two different time frames for practice on each night.   I'm coaching in both, the girls are playing in the late evening time frame.   Thankfully, this is a skills based season so there won't be any games until the final week and then we'll have an all day tournament on the first Saturday in May.

I do have some exciting news.  First of all, remember back in February when I showed you a drawing/water color that Olivia created for an art contest?   SHE WON!!  They called this week and said she took first place and her painting will be on all the posters/publicity for the upcoming event!  For those who don't remember, here's a look at her rainbow trout.
The other exciting thing is that our tax return came this week and we were able to pay off 2 bills, which means the only thing we owe on now is our mortgage!   Thank the Lord!  This is HUGE!    Also, since the tax return is in it means I'll be ordering curriculum, so be looking for a couple of posts coming soon about our 7th and 10th grade choices.

Today (Friday) Olivia and I have much needed trips to the chiropractor.   Then we'll come home to work on school work before heading out this afternoon to go to the girl's writing co-op.  We'll be having fried cabbage and Irish soda bread for dinner in honor of St. Patrick's Day.  Later this evening is the girls archery class.

How was your week?   Did you get snow?

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  1. We had enough snow to sled on for about 30 minutes. It was gone by mid afternoon. Crazy... We had chocolate pudding pie for PI day too.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. Ours was gone really early in the day too. Glad we share our love of pie!

  2. We got well over a foot of snow but it was mixed with a LOT of rain and slush and was just awful for sledding or any kind of snow fun. I am not at all surprised that she won her contest; her trout was amazing!

    1. Ugh, mushy snow (especially that amount) is just now fun.

      I was SO excited for her when she called to tell me she'd won. She really worked hard on it and I thought it was amazing, but I'm just a bit biased. Thanks for stopping in!


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