Friday, March 10, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up - The Hectic Week

This was a good week, but more hectic than usual.  Monday was a typical day, with piano in the afternoon.   Tuesday was a typical school day, followed by a volleyball coaches meeting for me; and from this point on the week got busy.

Wednesday morning we had our monthly co-op meeting.  I've mentioned before (I think) that I teach art and a cultures class.  I realized too late in the game last month that most of my students don't understand how to use art products outside of markers and crayons.  Who knew water colors could be so misunderstood, ahem? This month our project will be in chalk pastels, so I ended up doing a separate "this is how you use chalks" class BEFORE  I even start on the art project itself.  This ended up cutting into my "cultures" part of the class, but it alleviated a massive amount of stress on both sides of the teacher/student relationship.

Here is my finished Sri Lankan elephant scene.
I also made a batch of Sri Lankan milk toffee as a snack.  This was easier than I expected it to be (thank goodness I found a recipe I didn't have to convert.)
2 1/2 cup white sugar
1/4 cup water
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1/3 cup chopped raw cashews
1 tsp. vanilla
small pinch salt
In heavy saucepan heat sugar, water on medium high and bring to a rapid boil for several minutes.   Stir constantly to avoid burning the sugar.

Add can of milk, vanilla and salt.  Continue to cook for 20 minutes.  Once mixture thickens and becomes darker in color, and pulls away from side of pan, stir in cashews.

Line a baking sheet with buttered parchment paper (or wax paper).  Pour toffee mixture onto paper and spread to even out.   Allow to cool 20-30 minutes.   Once cooled, cut into squares.  Store in air tight container.

After co-op we came home and had lunch then worked on our lessons for the day (an abbreviated day).   We had dinner and then went back to church at 7pm for the first of 5 services with Kenneth and Lynnette Hagin.

Thursday we were up early, worked on lessons, went to church from 10:30-12:30 then stopped an used Lindsey's BookIt! coupon from Pizza Hut.  We did another abbreviated day of lessons, had dinner and then back to church at 7pm.

Friday we were up early for lesson, church from 10:30-12:30, quick lunch on the road.  Writing class from 1:30-3pm, home to fix and eat dinner, archery from 6-7:30pm then off to church for the last night of the conference.   We of course missed the first 40 minutes or so because of archery.

I was originally supposed to squeeze in a family members doctor appointment on Friday, but thankfully that got cancelled!

Here's Olivia's carnation from last weeks science lab.  Isn't it lovely?
Oh and we are SUPPOSED TO GET SNOW this weekend!  I'm very excited, and hoping it's not a bust like always.

How was your week?   Linking up with the Weekly Wrap Up.

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  1. That milk toffee sounds delicious!

  2. It is snowing here now. If I remember correctly, we are farther south than you. The carnation is lovely.
    BLessings, Dawn


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