Friday, April 28, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up - Frogs & A Birthday

On Monday our homeschool co-op held a frog dissection workshop.   Neither girl was thrilled when I told them they'd be doing the dissection, so I only ordered one frog for them to share, thinking I might have to be the one doing the dissection.   Imagine my surprise when they all but fought over the frog!  Lindsey, who totally surprised me, had a wonderful time removing the frogs eye...bleck.

Tuesday, Olivia turned 14 so we had a school holiday.   We drove about 2 hours away to a decent mall (unlike the one in our town) and let her spend her birthday money.   We had a lovely dinner and then back in time for volleyball.   We had her actual party on Saturday with the grandparents.
Wednesday was the final day of birthday celebration as my brother came to take Olivia out for lunch.  Once she returned from her outing she finally hit the first day of her school work for the week.  We were able to knock out a great deal and honestly, I was just glad to be home for a day.

Thursday I picked up my new lenses for my glasses, and Olivia's new contacts.   We had a regular day of school and volleyball in the evening.   Only one more practice and two days of tournament play and then this season is over!

Friday (today) will be the girls last IEW class for the year.  Once that's over I have to drop them off at a school carnival they are working at.  This will give them extra shopping money to take to summer camp.   While they are working the carnival, I'll be heading to church with our ladies group to watch the movie "Moms Night Out".    I do hope it's as funny as I've hear it is!

How was your week?

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  1. Sounds like a great week!
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. OH I love Moms Night Out! It's a riot; even my boys will watch that one (without me). Enjoy!

  3. Happy birthday to your girl!

    I think it is funny that they loved dissecting their frog after they thought it would be gross. :)


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