Monday, July 3, 2017

Extra Curricular Activities 2017-2018

The girls' interests have changed drastically over the last two years.   Truthfully, it's not necessarily that the interest has changed, but giving up the all consuming dance schedule has opened both girls up to more opportunities.   Here's what it looks like we'll be doing this coming academic year.

Olivia, while still being homeschooled full time, will be playing high school sports with a local private school.   She will spend the summer getting acclimated with both the volleyball and basketball teams, including at least one trip to Liberty University for a volleyball clinic.
Lindsey will continue to play both volleyball and basketball in the recreational league we were in this past year.   I gave her the option to move over to the private school to play on their middle school teams, but she opted to stay put for now.

Lindsey will also be participating in a new 4-H sewing club twice a month.  This will run August - January (I believe) and should give her a nice understanding of how to use her machine, and basic sewing.   She's very excited about this!

Also, at the end of the year, Lindsey will be applying to the John Lewis Society in hopes of following in her sisters footsteps.   If accepted, this will be a two year commitment for her.

Both girls will be participating in archery again in the latter part of the school year.   Truthfully, I'm hoping to be able to get a bow for them so we can join the local archery club, but other things are more pressing as far as finances, so the bow has to take a back seat for now.

That's all that I'm aware of.  Olivia will have a much more challenging academic year this year, so she's going a little lighter on the extras, and too we're not sure what the team practice schedules will look like once the volleyball and basketball seasons start.

What extra curricular activities will you kids be involved in during the upcoming academic year?
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  1. I was just getting ready to write a post about this too. I think we have all of the details marked out. We are very much on the a consuming dance wheel for both kids.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. I'm so glad we got off the dance wheel now that I see how time consuming and limiting it was.

  2. Those are some great choices! My daughter learned to sew when she was younger and now that is how she makes a living! Boy my boys love archery!

  3. I think any time you are a part of a group, the schedule is limiting, since someone else is choosing the time period and extent of the practice/rehearsal. Looks like your girls are poised for good years. Good luck! - Lori

    1. It's funny how you don't even see how consuming things are until you're not doing it any more!

  4. I thought about 4H shooting clubs for my 10 year old. He's quite an archer. Unfortunately, I found out today it ends in two weeks because it's a summer program. Rats! In the meantime, there will be swimming, TKD, co-op...


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