Monday, August 7, 2017

Life Outside the Box

Lindsey is a gadget girl.   She's smitten with any new gadget that comes out.   That doesn't mean she owns any of these gadgets, but she finds out about them and then pines away hoping to one day be the proud owner of said gadget.  

My husbands company, in an attempt to promote healthier employees, started a walking program complete with free pedometers for employers and their families.   Imagine Lindsey's glee when she was handed her own gadget.   It's not the Fit-Bit she's been salivating over, but it'll do.   She's been wearing it every day, tracking her steps and feeling a bit superior to her sister, who has yet to remove hers from the little box it came in.
Last week there was an interesting conversation between the two.  Lindsey was really giving Olivia a hard time over not using her pedometer.   Then Olivia said something profound, "My life doesn't fit inside your little red box."   I thought that was pretty deep and I've been thinking on it ever since, identifying areas that need to be freed from the box.

Even in our homeschooling we tend to think inside the box.  Today I encourage you to resist the urge to box your child into a certain curriculum,  method of schooling or career track.   Allow for room and life outside the box in their lives, and yours!  Watch the beauty of a life lived unfold, with or without counting each step.

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  1. I love this! So often we are counting the steps and checking boxes.


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