Tuesday, August 8, 2017

No-Nonsense Algebra (Review)

If you're looking for a straight forward, easy to understand algebra curriculum, then No-Nonsense Algebra from Math Essentials may be just the thing your looking for.  I'll be sharing our review experience in today's blog post.

First, I'll say that Olivia almost choked when I told her another algebra review product showed up in the mail.   She was thrilled to find that I bypassed her and went straight to her sister on this one.   Sometimes you just have to know when you've reached your child's limit on a given subject.   With that in mind, I gathered my new algebra victim, grins.

This algebra curriculum is pretty simple to use.  The text itself is paperback, with relatively short (1-2) page lessons.   There are a total of 10 chapters, with anywhere from 4-22 lessons per chapter.  Just to let you know the 22 lessons is in the first chapter "Necessary Tools for Algebra".  Most other chapters are 10 lessons or less.  (For a total of 222 pages of lessons.)  In addition to the text, you also get access to free online video lessons that coincide with every single lesson.

The long story-short behind this math program, is that your student watches the online video (10 minutes in length, give or take), and does the lesson on paper along with the video.   The student then goes to the text and does all the examples on paper, copying each step as they go.  Once this portion is complete they then do the exercises (20+/-) and the review (4 per lesson) on their own paper.   The solutions are in the back of the text, along with a glossary of terms.

Lindsey liked that the videos were short, and that they showed the work as they went without a lot of distraction.   Writing the problem and working it along with the video really was a big help, and once she moved on to the text she could go back to the video if she had questions.   The text was self explanatory, especially after watching the videos and it really didn't require any work on my part.   We worked through the first chapter "Necessary Tools for Algebra" since she'll only be going into pre-algebra this year, but we plan on using this as her 8th grade math the following year. 

I like that the lessons were relatively short, yet thorough.   I also liked that it was explained in a way that made it less intimidating and more user friendly that some other programs I've looked at.   Additionally, I love that the product is non-consumable and can be used by more than one child, making it a more economical choice as well.   Too bad I didn't know about this one before child #1 started algebra, maybe she wouldn't hate the subject so?

On a side note, this would also be a great algebra refresher course for students who are preparing to take the SAT and ACT.    For a student who knows algebra, but hasn't used it as much after moving onto geometry or another math, this program could move pretty rapidly as they could pick and choose how many problems to work on once they refreshed on the concept.

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  1. I bought this program for my oldest son; but we have yet to use it.


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