Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up–Louisiana


This has been one of those “gaaa!” we’re overbooked weeks!  Monday was our only day home.  Tuesday was dentist appointments in the morning (no cavities, yippee!), and Olivia’s piano recital in the evening.  Wednesday was the typical piano lessons and Awana.  Thursday was our monthly Activity Day in the afternoon and 4-H in the evening.  Friday was back to back ballet as per usual.

So, this week we did math, reading, writing and geography only.   Because really, one can’t homeschool when one isn’t home all week.  Well, one can, but why stress myself out like that?  So on with what we did get accomplished.

Geography:  Louisiana was a fun state to study.  We did our usual things like map, flag, state facts and coin.   But then we got over into music and the girls fell in love!   Our focus person was Louis Armstrong, so we watched a DVD that was of  Louie’s 70th birthday celebration at the Newport Jazz Festival.   Besides Armstrong, the girls were introduced to Dizzy Gillespie and Mahalia Jackson, just to name a few.   It was like a musical great awakening in Olivia especially.

Books we used:

Louisiana; by Rita C. La Doux
Louisiana, Land of Liberty; by Jason Glaser
Louisiana; by Allison Lassieur
Louis Armstrong, Jazz Musician; by Patrick and Fredrick McKissack
American Diaries, Amelina Carrett; by Kathleen Duey

Tapes and  DVD’s we used:

Le Hoogie Boogie, Louisiana French Music for Children; by Michael Doucet
Louis Armstrong, Good Evening Everybody; Ambassador Entertainment

Math:  Olivia was introduced briefly to division, at least the concept.  Not sure this will be as quick to catch on as multiplication.  Lindsey’s new skill this week was telling time to the half hour, and it went smoothly.

Writing & Reading:  Nothing major to report, just covered the basics and keep plugging along.

So despite the business it was still a good and productive week.  Be sure to visit the Weekly Wrap Up over at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

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  1. Looks like a good week. It's always hard on the weeks when you spend so much time away from home.


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