Friday, June 29, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up–The Renaissance Edition

We have had a great week.  On Saturday we went to the local Renaissance Faire and the girls had so much fun!   It was a great field trip and perfect timing for our knights/castles study.  You really should check out the actual post (linked above)…lots of great photos.

Renaissance Faire 061

We’ve worked on some lapbook elements, read a lot of books and worked on some more artwork.   Olivia finished week three of her tennis camp (3 more weeks to go).

We all attended the Living Faith Crusade with Kenneth and Lynette Hagin.  We were fortunate to have such a ministry travel through our town.  The girls and I loved going each morning and evening.

Living Faiths Crusades

Today was sickening hot.  Over 105 degrees.  Thomas had a vacation day so he and the girls spent the day at the pool.  They are currently exhausted and crumpled on the sofa in the sunroom.

I’m working up an art product review, unit study and a post about our upcoming curriculum choices.  Be sure to come back to read those.  In the meanwhile visit the Weekly Wrap Up!

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  1. How fun! We've never been to a Renaissance fair but we've always wanted too.

    Stinkin' hot here too.

    Popping in from the wrap up


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