Friday, September 21, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up–The Non Catchy Title Version

This has been another really good week in our home.  We’ve spent lots of time enjoying each other and the amazing weather we’ve been blessed with.  The girls and I also finished reading Pilgrims Progress this week.

Saturday we went on a great field trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway.    We all had such a good time together.   Then we came home and built a fire in the yard and made s’mores.


I really liked the way this photo from my back yard turned out.  I love the contrast of the tree against the dark night sky.


Thursday we had our first Activity Day of the year.     I’m teaching a world geography class for Lindsey’s age bracket.  Olivia is taking guitar lessons and sign language and seems to have picked up well on each one.

Today was our second week at co-op and again it went great.  The girls are really enjoying their classes and making new friends.  The co-op is much smaller this year than the first year we attend and I’m really liking the smaller group.   The IEW instructor invited parents to sit in on class whenever possible, and surprisingly Olivia is thrilled to have me in class with her.   I’m enjoying it great deal and its giving me a good insight into her skills in relation to her peers.

Tomorrow we find out what roles the girls will have in this year’s performance of the Nutcracker.  Then the official Nutcracker craziness will begin for the year.

Next week is National Homeschool Spirit Week.  There are lots of crazy days planned, and lots of free giveaways as well.   Don’t miss it!

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